Final Program ISSI 2001

 7:30 - 11:00



Welcome: Matthew Fleming




Session 1. Pigmented lesions


Session Chairs: Willi Stolz


Overview: Digital and automated epiluminescence microscopy. Klaus Hoffmann


Short-term digital surface microscopy monitoring of melanocytic lesions. ScottMenzies, Alex Gutenev, Michelle Avramidis, Andrew Batrac, William McCarthy


Classification of standardized dermatoscopic images of melanocytic lesions obtained from different centers using computerized image analysis with DermoGenius Ultra(R). W. Stolz, R. Pompl, U. Lepski, W. Bunk, G. Morfill, M. Landthaler, U. Matern, A. Horsch, R. Braun, W. Abmayr


Irregularity index and improved melanoma shape description.Tim K. Lee, David I. McLean and M. Stella Atkins




Session 2. High resolution sonography and magnetic resonance imaging


Session Chairs: Stephan El Gammal, Alexander Zemstov


Overview: High resolution sonography of the skin. Stephan El Gammal.


Overview: Magnetic resonance imaging of the skin. Alex Zemstov.




Coffee Break




Age- and site-related biomechanical properties of the normal human skin. B. Beaufrère, D. De Queral, S. Stéphan, R. Korichi, JP. Biesse, F. Perin, B. Sechet, C. Heusèle, S. Schnebert


Potentials of in vivo MR imaging and spectroscopy for cosmetic tests. F. Vial, F. Perin, JC. Pittet, P. Beau, S. Savard




Session 3. OCT and in vivo confocal microscopy


Session Chairs: Alexander Knüttel, Julia Welzel, Kirstin Sauermann


Overview: Optical Coherence Tomography of the skin. Alex Knuttel


Overview: Optical coherence tomography: new developments and applications in dermatology. Julia Welzel


Overview: In vivo confocal scanning microscopy of skin structures. Kirstin Sauermann


 Imaging of human skin using optical coherence tomography (OCT). Iqbal Sadiq, D. Kligman, T. Stoudemayer, A. M. Kligman


Skin pathologies and telemedicine: study of lesion evolution (Session 5) P. Nardin, C. Siicu, D. Nita



12:20 - 13:45

Lunch, Posters, Technical Exhbits




Session 4. Laser Doppler imaging and thermal imaging


Session Chairs: Gert Nilsson, Markus Stücker


Overview: Laser Doppler perfusion imaging - Technology and potential clinical applications. Gert Nilsson.


Overview: Imaging of the cutaneous microcirculation. Markus Stücker


Fuzzy logic-based calculation of skin temperature from thermograms F. Perin, S. Van Caenegem, I. Pétain, V. Develay, JC. Pittet, P. Beau, JM. Baret, M. Lebel




Session 5. Telemedicine, image analysis, computer databases


Session Chairs: Stefan Gehlen, William van Stoecker.


Overview: Image analysis. Stefan Gehlen


Overview: Image analysis: pigmented lesions, education, telemedicine, and more. William Van Stoecker




Coffee Break




Derma2000 - Interactive multimedia dermatology courses for students W. Stolz, H. Popal, N. Arnold, H. Gruber, W. Burgdorf, M. Landthaler


A system for skin line pattern photography. M. Dickson, J. C. Bamber


Quantification of facial texture by image averaging techniques. S. S. Hawkins, J. Andrew, R. I. Murahata, D. I. Perrett, D. M. Burt, B. P. Tiddeman, and R.L. Weinkauf


Visual features of health skin - A comparison of the evaluation on volunteers and on digital images. S. Lopez, F. Morizot, M. Binder, E. Tschachler


Digital image analysis of corticosteroid-induced skin vasoconstriction. Eric W. Smith


Changes in the characteristics of eosin fluorescence from dermal elastic fibers closely correlated with skin aging.Hae-Jun Song, Ki-Sung Kim, Min-Hee Lee


Quantitative evaluation of patch test result with stereoimage optical topometer. Chil-Hwan Oh, Seung-Hyun Hong, Jong-Sub Moon, Min-Ki Kim




ISSI/ISDIS Business Meeting






Quantification of skin texture improvement following washing with ultra-mild liquid cleansers. C. L. Meyers, K. Hoyberg, S. Velez, S. L. Wright, S. S. Hawkins

Skin Relief: comparison of an interferometry technique by fringes projection (in vivo and in vitro) and the image analysis of silicons repliquas. J. C. Pittet, J. E. Branka, J. J. Servant, B. Séchet, S. Jacob, P. Beau

Interference fringe projection: A new technique for the 3D study of the effects of a treatment on morphological variations of the face surface. J. C. Pittet, S. Raynal, C. Richard, J. J. Servant, C. Musnier, S. Vancaenegem, P. Beau

Chemical imaging of skin structure by infrared microspectrometry using synchrotron radiation. N. Gross, P. Dumas, JM. Ortega, S. Marull, C. Fromageot, A. Barbier, M. Lebel, J. M. Baret

In vivo biomicroscopy of the skin with magnetic resonance imaging and high frequency ultrasound. A. Liffers, M. Vogt, H. Ermert, V. H. v. Diepenbroick, L. Heuser, S. El Gammal

Concepts for high resolution blood flow imaging with high frequency (50 MHz) ultrasound for applications in dermatology. M. Vogt, H. Ermert, K. Hoffmann, M. Stücker, P. Altmeyer, S. El Gammal

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